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Terms and Conditions: Feel Alive On-The-Go with Zespri Weekly Contest 2018

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. By participating in the Feel Alive On-The-Go with Zespri Weekly Contest ("Contest"), you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions, you are not permitted to access and participate in the Contest. 

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Zespri International Ltd (the “Organiser”).
The Organiser reserves the right to change, update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, provided that prior written notice is given to you. You are also advised to review the Terms and Conditions every time you participate in the Contest.

1. Organiser & Eligibility:

1.1 The Contest is organised by the Organiser and is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 years old and above.

1.2 Staff, stakeholders, wholesalers and staff of trade partners and agencies of the Organiser are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

1.3 You are not an immediate family member of (parent, sibling, spouse/domestic partner, and child) or household member of the people and entities listed in 1.2 above.

2. Campaign Period

2.1 The Contest will run from 2 July 2018 at 00.00am and closes on 5 August 2018 at 11:59pm Malaysia Time, GMT+8 (“Contest Period”).

3. How to Participate

3.1 You must comply with the following steps:

Step 1: Buy Zespri Green Kiwifruit or Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit contest packs and collect 3 distinctive puzzle pieces. Read the terms and conditions at carefully and understand it before you participate in the Contest.
You are required to collect all three (3) puzzle pieces, match them to the master visual shown on Zespri point of sales materials or website and count the total number of kiwi slices in the completed 3-piece puzzle.

Step 2: Get the unique code from under the “CUT HERE” area of each kiwifruit contest pack.

Step 3: SMS your entry to 63660 with the following information:

You are required to type “YES” to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Contest and to provide personal details for participation in this Contest.

Key in your full name as per Identity Card, NRIC, stating the total number of kiwi images displayed on the full puzzle, followed by all three (3) unique codes and send SMS to 63660

Follow the below SMS sequence:
Zespri<space>YES;(semicolon)NAME;(semicolon)NRIC;(semicolon)ANSWER;(semicolon)CODE1;(semicolon)CODE2;(semicolon)CODE3 and send to 63660.

Example: ZESPRI YES;NICOLE TAN;880808088888;23;AA11;BB11;CC11

Upon submission, you will receive an auto-reply message via SMS to confirm that your entry has been successfully submitted. Only subscribers of the prepaid and post-paid services from Maxis, Celcom, Digi and/or U-Mobile will receive auto-reply messages for this campaign.

3.2 You are allowed to submit multiple entries to the Contest throughout the campaign period. However, all submitted entries must be completed with the information mentioned in Step 3.

3.3 Entries with incomplete information and wrong SMS sequence will automatically be disqualified.

4. Winners, Prizes and, Terms and Conditions of Prizes

4.1 The organiser will select 100 winners based on the correct answer (number of kiwifruit slices in the completed 3-piece puzzle), and the three (3) correct combination of unique codes. The selection is based on a first come, first served weekly basis.

The breakdown of contest week to select weekly winners:

Week 1: 2 July to 8 July 2018
Week 2: 9 July to 15 July 2018
Week 3: 16 to 22 July 2018
Week 4: 23 July to 29 July 2018
Week 5: 30 July to 5 August 2018

Winners will be notified via a congratulatory SMS message and winners will be required to reply the SMS message with postal address information for the Organiser to facilitate prize delivery.

All responses must be communicated to the organiser within three (3) days of receiving notifications of wins. Should there be no reply within the said period from contest participants, it is assumed that the participant waives the rights to claim the prizes.


For Example: ZESPRI ADD 880808088888;No12, Jln 17, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam,Selangor.

4.2 Winners are entitled to redeem Zespri-On-The-Go Blender.

4.3 You are eligible to win one (1) prize only through multiple entries during the campaign period.

4.4 All prizes shall be provided as is and cannot be exchanged in full or in part for cash or cash equivalent.

4.5 The Organiser reserves the right to replace the prizes with items of similar value at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances. All gifts are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

4.6 The Organiser makes no warranties or representations whatsoever with respect to the prizes and will not be responsible nor liable for any problems and/or losses or damages thereto or arising thereto.

4.7 The organiser will announce the winner list via website at on a weekly basis to confirm the redemption of prizes. Weekly winner announcement will also be posted through Facebook. However, you will need to refer back to for full list of winners.

4.8 The organiser is not responsible for any partial or total losses occurring during the entire process of participation and winner announcement, including the following items:

  • Covers all forms of communication or statements that may be late, lost, delayed and/or incomplete.
  • Technical failure, computer failure, interrupted connection, disconnection, delay or transmission error relating to the telecommunication system, telephone, mobile, computer hardware, or software.

4.9 All prizes will only be given to you within two (2) weeks to one (1) month after the winner announcement is made on Zespri Malaysia’s Facebook page.

4.10 The Organiser reserves the right to reject a winner’s redemption to the prize if personal particulars are incomplete and/or answer is incorrect and/or unique codes are incorrect.

5. Liability and Responsibility

5.1 The Organiser and its agencies disclaim any and all losses, liabilities, costs, damages, expenses and/or proceedings whatsoever as a result of or in connection with the prizes, including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential losses or loss of profits, expenses, damages or personal injury resulting from participation in the Contest, redemption and/or usage of the prize(s).

5.2 The Organiser will not be liable for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operations or transmission, breaches of security, Internet line failure, theft, destruction of, or unauthorised access to entries, computer glitches whether or not arising during operations or transmission as a result of server functions, viruses, bugs or other causes outside of its control relating to the Contest including amongst others, errors in notification of Gift redemption.

6. Rights of the Organiser

6.1 The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, illegible and late entries.

6.2 The Organiser shall reserve the right to publish, and use your name and personal details as materials for the purposes of advertising and or trade publicity, without any prior notice to you. You shall not be entitled to claim ownership or ask for other forms of compensation on the materials. Your information and contest entries details shall be kept strictly private and confidential, and shall be retained by the Organiser from the start of this contest until the end of the contest and additional 2 months later for contest gift fulfilment purpose.

6.3 By participating in the Contest, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and decisions of the Organiser.

7.   Privacy Policy

7.1 By taking part in the Contest, you understand and accept in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, that the Organiser may collect, use, process and/or retain your personal information. However, if for any reason you do not consent to the collection, use, processing and/or retention of your personal information, you have the right to reject such consent by contacting the Organiser at the contact details set out below. The Organiser may collect, use, process and/or retain any personal information provided by you, whether through the Contest or in other ways, and use such information for its legitimate business purposes which includes; but is not limited to administering your participation in the Contest as well as to market existing and future kiwifruit related products and services (whether internally or externally by any means whatsoever). The personal information that the Organiser collects, uses, processes and/or retains about you includes, but is not limited to your name, mobile number, email address and national registration identification card number and postal address which has been provided by you in the course of the Contest. The Organiser ensures that your privacy and confidentiality are accorded the highest priority. You also agree that the Organiser may use personal information provided by you in aggregate form for the purposes of performing and publishing industry statistics and analysis, provided that any such information does not personally identify you. You acknowledge that your entry into the Contest is dependent upon the provision of your personal information. The provision of your personal information is obligatory and if you do not provide such information, you will not be entered into the Contest. If you wish to read Zespri’s Global Privacy Statement, please click here.

7.2 The Organiser reserves the right at all times to disclose any information that may be provided in the course of the Contest as is necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, or to refuse to post, or to remove, any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in the Organiser’s sole and absolute discretion are objectionable or in violation of the Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, the Organiser may also disclose your information to any of its agents, third party service providers, and its related and associates companies which may be located outside of Malaysia as required for the purposes relating to the Contest as well as for business related purposes.

7.3 Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, you are entitled to access, limit, and/or request for the correction of the personal information the Organiser may hold about you at any time. If you wish to access, amend, correct, and/or remove your information from any mailing list or similar service, please contact Market Manager of Zespri Malaysia by way of email at, by way of fax at +60 3 7962 0001 or by way of telephone at +60 3 7962 0123. A fee may be charged for any reasonable costs incurred in responding to any such request. This fee will be disclosed to you prior to any costs being incurred. Your rights of removal may be subject to any additional terms which apply to the relevant list or service. If you have any concerns with regard to your privacy, please feel free to contact Zespri Malaysia at the details provided above.

7.4 Except for the translation of Clauses 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 as attached in Annexure A, the Terms and Conditions are prepared in the English version only. All disputes relating to the Contest shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

7.5 For enquiries on the Contest, please contact us at


Annexure A

Translation of Clauses 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

7.1 Dengan menyertai Peraduan ini, anda memahami dan menerima, menurut Syarat-syarat dan Terma-terma , bahawa pihak Penganjur boleh mengumpul, mengguna, memproses dan/atau menyimpan maklumat peribadi anda. Walau bagaimanapun, jika atas apa-apa sebab anda tidak bersetuju dengan pengumpulan, pengunaan, pemprosesan dan/atau penyimpanan maklumat peribadi anda, anda mempunyai hak untuk menolak persetujuan tersebut dengan menghubungi pihak Penganjur di butir-butir hubungan yang tertera di bawah. Pihak Penganjur boleh mengumpul, mengguna, memproses dan / atau menyimpan apa-apa maklumat peribadi yang diberikan oleh anda, sama ada melalui Promosi atau dengan apa-apa cara lain, dan menggunakan maklumat tersebut untuk tujuan perniagaan yang sah termasuk, tetapi tidak terhad kepada, pentadbiran penyertaan anda dalam Promosi ini dan juga untuk memasarkan produk dan perkhidmatan yang berkaitan buah kiwi yang sedia ada dan yang akan datang kepada anda (sama ada secara dalaman atau luaran dengan apa-apa cara). Maklumat peribadi yang pihak Penganjur mengumpul, mengguna, memproses dan/atau menyimpan tentang anda termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada nama, nombor telefon, alamat e-mel dan alamat anda yang telah diberikan oleh anda dalam perjalanan penyertaan anda dalam alamat ini. Pihak Penganjur memastikan bahawa privasi dan kerahsiaan anda diberikan keutamaan tertinggi. Anda juga bersetuju bahawa pihak Penganjur boleh menggunakan maklumat peribadi anda yang anda berikan dalam bentuk agregat untuk tujuan persembahan dan penerbitan statistik industri dan analisis, dengan syarat bahawa mana-mana maklumat tersebut tidak mengenalpasti anda secara peribadi. Anda mengakui bahawa penyertaan anda dalam Promosi ini adalah bergantung kepada pemberian maklumat peribadi anda. Pemberian maklumat peribadi anda adalah wajib dan jika anda tidak memberikan maklumat tersebut, anda tidak akan disertakan ke dalam Promosi ini. Jika anda ingin membaca Pernyataan Privasi Global Zespri , sila klik di sini.

7.2 Pihak Penganjur berhak pada setiap masa untuk mendedahkan apa-apa maklumat yang diberikan dalam tempoh masa Peraduan ini sebagaimana yang perlu untuk menunaikan apa-apa undang-undang, peraturan atau permintaan kerajaan, atau untuk menolak posting, atau menghapus, apa-apa maklumat atau bahan-bahan, secara keseluruhan atau sebahagiannya, yang mengikut budi bicara tunggal dan mutlak pihak Penganjur adalah tidak sesuai dan melanggar Terma-terma and Syarat-syarat ini ini. Selain itu, pihak Penganjur juga boleh mendedahkan maklumat anda kepada mana-mana ejen-ejen, pembekal perkhidmatan pihak ketiga, dan syarikat-syarikat berkaitan yang mungkin berada di negara asing dan sekutunya seperti yang dikehendaki untuk tujuan yang berkaitan dengan Promosi ini dan juga untuk tujuan perniagaan yang berkaitan. 

7.3 Selaras dengan Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010, anda layak untuk mengakses, membatas, dan/atau meminta  untuk pembetulan maklumat peribadi yang pihak Penganjur mungkin simpan tentang anda pada bila-bila masa. Jika anda ingin mengakses, meminda, memperbaiki, dan/atau menyingkirkan maklumat peribadi anda dari mana-mana senarai surat-menyurat atau perkhidmatan yang sama, sila hubungi Market Manager dari Zespri Malaysia secara e-mel di, secara faks di +60 3 7962 0001 atau secara telefon di +60 3 7962 0123. Fi mungkin dikenakan bagi apa-apa caj munasabah yang ditanggung dalam menjawab setiap permintaan itu. Fi ini akan didedahkan kepada anda sebelum apa-apa kos ditanggung. Hak-hak penyingkiran anda mungkin tertakluk kepada apa-apa syarat-syarat tambahan berkenaan dengan senarai atau perkhidmatan yang relevan. Jika anda mempunyai sebarang kebimbangan berkaitan dengan privasi anda, sila hubungi Zespri Malaysia di butir-butir yang tertera di atas.