Zespri® Green Kiwifruit

Zespri Green Kiwifruit

*Total Fibre Content (g/100g edible flesh),
**Nutrient Adequacy Score, USDA Nutrient Database 2012 (Release 25); New Zealand FOODfiles 2012 Version 01

A favourite the world over, the Zespri Green Kiwifruit sets the benchmark for kiwifruit. Distinctively sweet and tangy in taste, and adorably oval-shaped with brown fuzzy skin, the Zespri Green Kiwifruit has won fans the world over.

Regarded as a Superfruit, Zespri Green Kiwifruit contains twice the amount of Vitamin C as Oranges (surprised?). It is also rich in both fibre and Actinidin, making it a perfect post-meal accompaniment to ensure a healthy gut. Zespri Green Kiwifruit also contains beneficial trace minerals, vitamins, and is naturally low in sodium, fat and boasts an enviously low GI (glycaemic index).

The takeaway? The Zespri Green Kiwifruit is GREAT for you and your family, giving you a boost of health benefits in a yummy fruit.

Zespri Green Kiwifruit is grown with both conventional and organic growing methods, and is available throughout Southeast Asia from May through December.

Learn about the nutritional benefits of Zespri Green Kiwifruit and see how you can easily incorporate our kiwifruits into your daily meals.

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Zespri Green Kiwifruit

*Total Vitamin C (mg/100g edible flesh)
**Nutrient Adequacy Score
USDA Nutrient Database 2012 (Release 25);
New Zealand FOODfiles 2016 Version 01